Sophie Doulut, “Aladdin’s Tree”

Along the road stand crepe myrtles

Bearing grapes of flowers

Like so many jewels

Gems of the sun and earth wed together.

Their bright and vivid colors

Light up the path of humans

Who walk demurely and coyly

Underneath them,

Ignoring the language

Of those Chinese and Japanese tokens

Of love and wealth.

They can see the beauty of their red hoards

But can hardly penetrate it.

Has everyone forgotten about Aladdin’s testimony ?

Can’t anybody just spot jewels

In place of their flowery burdens ?

Trees whisper to you humans

To stop hurrying and start taking heed,

Plucking gems from trees

Is what is expected from you.

And as you pick the gems,

A whole book of knowledge

Will be opened.

No password is required,

Sesame won’t require anything

From you.

But as you look into the shining gems,

You will see a reflection of your soul.

He that understands the command

Of Aladdin’s trees

Will be blessed with the knowledge

Of the whole world.

Such speaks the voice of the Occult

Sounding from the deep hollows

Of the cave of the mind,

And that Man shall be disclosed

All the secrets of life and after-life…

Now I’m asking –

Have you ever noticed

The brilliant stones

Borne by crepe-myrtle trees ?

                                                             Sophie Doulut, Les Arcanes de l’Esprit, 1997-2009

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