The Ravens of Vienna by Adrian Grafe

The Ravens of Vienna is a gripping, fast-paced thriller with a strong moral center, highlighting the (not very well-known) resistance in Vienna as well as the range of responses to Nazi domination. Felix Lichtblau, Kristina Lichtblau, and Alfred Nubik, not to mention Tom Oliver, are intriguing characters. Congratulations.

Randolph Splitter, author of The Third Man

The Ravens of Vienna (Histria, 2022; ISBN-13: ‎978-1592111381), LOOP president Adrian Grafe’s first novel, is published on April 27th. Set in World War Two, the novel tells the story of a poet in Vienna, a poem he has composed, and the Oxford Poetry Professor who tries to help the poet’s family and friends and, later, the poet himself, to escape the Nazis and travel across Europe in the hope of reaching the safe haven of Oxford. 

Adrian Grafe is an Oxford graduate and Fellow (Corresp.) of the English Association who has published books and articles on poetry, literature and music. His poem ‘Peacock Pie in Paris’, published in We’ll Never Have Paris (Andrew Gallix, ed., Repeater Books, 2019), is a recreation of the life, during the Occupation, of a young Parisian Jewish girl (who also appears in The Ravens of Vienna), while his sonnet sequence devoted to Anglo-Welsh poet Edward Thomas appeared in The Spectator in September 2021. Adrian lives in Paris and is an English Professor at Université d’Artois.

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